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I am a
Simplicifation Officer

  • I remove all kinds of complexity in organizations and businesses
  • I replace it with simplicity and engagement
  • Find the weaknesses and remove them
  • Find the strengths and build on them

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Featured talk

The Illusions And Magic Of Project Management

Many product organizations out there are adding new value by initiating and managing projects, lot’s of them. As such not necessarily a bad idea but many underestimate the influence this has within their organizations possibly ending up with mere illusions and real magic performed on the work-floor. This talk will guide attendees through a story of illusions and real magic so that one can recognize when it occurs and also get some ideas on how to organize things differently.

What clients and partners say

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“It was a pleasure to watch Jurgen’s presentation at AgilePrague 2016. Jurgen provides a rare combination of wit and insight, based on real experience. Without jargon or pretentiousness, Jurgen tells it like it is and offers real, tested, effective advice. As a speaker or consultant, I highly recommend Jürgen.”

Fred Williams Technical Writer – Agile Leader

“Jürgen got the management of our Federal Pension Service to think seriously about our management practices and tools, and motivated us to change our way of organizing ourselves, together with our collaborators and teams, to handle the complexity and challenges we’re coping with. ”

Luc Vander Donckt Head of Sector eExperts – European Commission

“I hired Jurgen as a consultant to help out on a large online development project. He is knowledgable, flexible and to the point. He knows how large IT organizations work and quickly finds the best way to move forward.”

Daniel Kegel Head of Digital at NOS
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