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Creativity & innovation comes from true collaboration!

Recently I have been writing an article on how networking is powerful and I wanted to share this 18 minute video of Stephen Johnson where he talked about “Creative Ideas“. I find it striking how things come together listening to so many different people looking at similar things with another angle. We see that innovation doesn’t come from a single idea! It is in most cases a combination of ideas in the context of a hard challenge that generates innovative solutions. So the power is still within those that nurture
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Mix’em Up! The power of networks…

I have always believed that one model doesn’t fit all and that the best results emerge when intelligently apply different models/systems according to specific situations (see services description). And I bet everyone of you also realizes this, even if it is only deep inside of you. This kind of belief is very related to one of my favorite subjects: “complexity thinking” which indicates that several small models/systems are in general stronger, more resilient to change and problems than a big single one. There is of course a lot more behind “complexity
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