Why would you use facilitation support?

Experienced facilitation will help you find the right format and techniques to get the best out of your (customer) product workshop, (project) retrospectives and organization. Good facilitation will enable you and your organization to gain more knowledge in a collaborative atmosphere for your decision-making process, leading to actions to move them forward.

Facilitation in general is recommended when the stakes are high in terms of what might be lost or not gained by a less than fully productive workshop/meeting. Factors influencing a facilitation need or not are: conflict or tention, importance of the issue/outcome, time pressure & complexity fo the issues or climate.

In that sense I have published some ways to facilitate workshops and meetings before starting my personal blogosphere and I will try to publish some in the future as well.
Value Stream Mapping
How lego is used for a team retrospective
Innovation games for process optimization
– …

Stay tuned for more!

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