Creativity & innovation comes from true collaboration!

Recently I have been writing an article on how networking is powerful and I wanted to share this 18 minute video of Stephen Johnson where he talked about “Creative Ideas“. I find it striking how things come together listening to so many different people looking at similar things with another angle.

We see that innovation doesn’t come from a single idea! It is in most cases a combination of ideas in the context of a hard challenge that generates innovative solutions. So the power is still within those that nurture the ability to combine a multitude of models, systems, ideas, thoughts… and look beyond the context they were used for!

What if people would have changed their thought of the iceberg in the Titanic story from being harmful, towards the sense of a rescue harbor? Turning back to the iceberg as a rescue for the people people on board after it was hit. It is clear the iceberg wouldn’t sink and could carry more people than the rescue boats on board…

What if? It is a great question to challenge existing patterns and idea’s and define other (sometimes crazy) experiments. This experimenting is what brings a lot of joy to my professional life these days and I can only hope that I can inspire a lot more to follow a similar path.

The power of networks! Where do creative idea’s come from? Complexity thinking… shows us all that one shouldn’t rely on his/her own idea’s, but be open and listen very carefully to others talking about problems, solutions and options.

True creativity & innovation comes from collaboration!

Join us in living a life of challenging the status quo and looking beyond what is.

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