People ask me: where are your powerpoints? I don’t want/have many!

These days I do get the question a lot from people within my network where I share my presentations and of course I provide them with a descent answer… On Slideshare (click here) as for many of the others in our networks. Next thing I have to hear is the following:

There is almost nothing shared there!? And you talk about open communication, collaboration and community!?

Yes I talk about and love the 3 C’s as mentioned above. I share a lot of knowledge, idea’s and thoughts through social media, network events/talks, conferences, classroom trainings and recently also a book but not very much through shared powerpoint presentations. Why? Very easily, because I do not make that many powerpoint presentations.

I mainly create powerpoint presentations to help me keep focus during classroom trainings or customer specific, handson trainings and nothing else. These presentations are not suited for sharing purposes as they would provide wrong data out of their context or even expose NDA legislated content. I want to excuse me for this and immediately also ask for some understanding about it. All presentations used in public events and conferences are shared and still there are not many of them available?!

Have a quick look at the report of my recent conference speaking, especially the one talking about the “perfect problem breakthrough”… No powerpoint presentation was used! Flip charts were used, the audience interactivity was used and other non digital equipment, tools and techniques.

So, why don’t I have more slides shared? Easy…

I try to avoid slides as much as possible and prefer audience engagement in my talks.

So stop wondering about it now, do not ask me about it anymore…

I’ll share what I can through pictures, video’s and other recording materials either through my personal Slideshare, Flickr or through our organization Facebook Group.


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