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This is the first opportunity for me to write a couple of words related to my ALE2012 Conference attendance and I can not do anything else than starting this article with a big THANK YOU to the organizers and fellow attendees! They made it worth it (again)!

I grabbed the opportunity to go to Barcelona and enjoy 2 things that make my life worth living: (1) my family & (2) co-learn with all around. It is one of those rare opportunities one can combine those things together thanks to the conference kids & spouse program.

As we had Jim McCarthy as a first keynote I’ll use the Core Protocols Check In to express my current feelings and thoughts about the conference.

I am GLAD my kid enjoyed playing with the others very much.
I am AFRAID that agile conferences become too much of a religion preach.
I am SAD that it all ended so fast.
I am GLAD that I dressed up as a pirate for the AARRR metrics talk.
I am GLAD that Sergey Dimitriev was willing to participate in the Perfect Problem Breakthrough session we had. (Thanks Christopher Avery for getting us in touch)
I am MAD that I forgot my kids teddybear at the hotel.
I am GLAD the hotel did a great job getting my kids teddybear back to Belgium.
I am SAD that I did not talk to more people at the conference.
I am GLAD I took some time to visit Barcelona with my family.
I am AFRAID that it will take a long time to meet up face to face again.
I am GLAD to be connected to many of ALE friends through twitter.
I am GLAD that people are interested to host some of our non code retreats abroad.
I am AFRAID that this non-profit initiative to have retreats going will take me away from my family a bit too often.
I am GLAD that I choose great sessions to go to.
I am GLAD that I discovered the concept of Culture Hacking.
I am GLAD that people enjoyed both sessions I provided.
I am GLAD to have stayed for another (last) beer before meeting up with my family on the last day.
I am AFRAID of the answer my kid will give when they ask him: What does your daddy do for a living?
I am GLAD that we all shared a lot of ideas and thoughts on the conference and also afterwards:
I am SAD not to be more often present at conferences like this.
I am GLAD that I was with so many like minded people which confirmed that we’re doing the right thing.
I am GLAD that Deborah Preuss already used “it is better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission”, used in Henrik Kniberg his keynote, to describe me while working together at Agfa Healthcare.
I am…

All in all we can conclude the conference was a succes to me and I’m ready for the next one!

The Pirate Metrics – AARRR

Introduction to the Pirate Metrics – AARRR related to customer development and business model canvas in order to gain insights on how your customers behave and create an environment where you easily can validate startup hypothesis avoiding the commonly used feel good metrics.

Slides here:

Perfect Problem Breakthrough

In this session you’ll get insights on how to use Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process in the context of handling problems and thus change. We will explain you the 3 key’s to responsibility and how to gain control/power of the situations at hand.

We will use learning from the Leadership Gift program we are following with Christopher Avery and provide insights related to the Responsibility Process, Keys to Responsibility and the Power or Control Cycles. We will give you some very powerful tools and techniques that will change your world.

Flipchart notes here:


My conference impression in pictures:

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