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Happy customers are our fuel to do more. by Jurgen De Smet

Happy customers is our fuel to do more. has been posted on our Co-Learning blog. Read the full article here: http://colearningbe.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/happy-customers-is-our-fuel-to-do-more/

Let’s go for the full Scrumbam by Erik Talboom

“Let’s go for the full Scrumbam” has been published on our Co-Learning blog by Erik Talboom. Read the full article here: http://colearningbe.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/lets-go-for-the-full-scrumbam/

Why Attend a Licensed Management 3.0 Training?

Understanding some of the organizational complexity and being open to change according to communication needs, competence and business models, really helps to shape organizations towards a next level of change and learning capability. It allows organizations to keep innovating on all levels and quickly adapt to a changing economical landscape.  It also allows to foster an organic growth of competence throughout the complete organization, instead of keeping knowledge within the boundaries of its department. Let us be honest, it is innovation, collective knowledge and its adaptability that are some of
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