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Creativity & innovation comes from true collaboration!

Recently I have been writing an article on how networking is powerful and I wanted to share this 18 minute video of Stephen Johnson where he talked about “Creative Ideas“. I find it striking how things come together listening to so many different people looking at similar things with another angle. We see that innovation doesn’t come from a single idea! It is in most cases a combination of ideas in the context of a hard challenge that generates innovative solutions. So the power is still within those that nurture
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Mix’em Up! The power of networks…

I have always believed that one model doesn’t fit all and that the best results emerge when intelligently apply different models/systems according to specific situations (see services description). And I bet everyone of you also realizes this, even if it is only deep inside of you. This kind of belief is very related to one of my favorite subjects: “complexity thinking” which indicates that several small models/systems are in general stronger, more resilient to change and problems than a big single one. There is of course a lot more behind “complexity
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Build bridges and connect the dots to foster innovation

I have been reading, experiencing and experimenting a lot with different models related to fostering innovation and it is a fun and fascinating ride so far! In my past I have always been searching for models, systems and practices that supported me in leading people, get the best out of them and produce results within the context of an enterprise organization. This quest provided me with a huge load of very useable and amazing learnings that brought me a long way ahead, but I still feel there are
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Connect to innovate!

I’ve been reading a lot about creativity and innovation lately and I can’t help myself to recommend the book “Where good ideas come from“, it should be your starter book to become more familiar on how to incubate innovation and creativity into your organization. Reading these facts about innovation and creativity, I realized again why I very much like the way we work at Co-Learning! Getting hunches to connect is one of the reasons to have retreat en IBO sessions, hoping for some breakthroughs along the way of
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