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Agile Masters: Ice Age to get work done!

One of our recent customers started Scrum from scratch and in the mean time they learned a lot and adjusted their Scrum board at the same speed. It is their Scrum board and accomplishments that inspired me for this article! You could call it a tribute if you want. First of all I would like to ask you to spend about 2 minutes to watch this Ice Age Teaser video Ok you got the Ice Age metaphor in your head now, that is good. Now, let us have
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ALE2012, Culture Hacking & more…

This is the first opportunity for me to write a couple of words related to my ALE2012 Conference attendance and I can not do anything else than starting this article with a big THANK YOU to the organizers and fellow attendees! They made it worth it (again)! I grabbed the opportunity to go to Barcelona and enjoy 2 things that make my life worth living: (1) my family & (2) co-learn with all around. It is one of those rare opportunities one can combine those things together thanks
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Let’s go for the full Scrumbam by Erik Talboom

“Let’s go for the full Scrumbam” has been published on our Co-Learning blog by Erik Talboom. Read the full article here: http://colearningbe.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/lets-go-for-the-full-scrumbam/