Objective of my services to you

I live my dream guiding and helping organizations/teams to operational excellence using effective product development and innovation through collaboration. Doing so I turn groups of individuals into collaborative communities, applying known techniques or creating new ones as needed. I train and coach teams to make realistic promises to their stakeholders and then to remain accountable for them. Together we make project status visible to team members and stakeholders, removing the mystery from planning and encourage the realignment of responsibility with accountability beyond the team.

I believe that the best processes emerge when teams intelligently apply lean and agile practices according to their own situations needs. I train and coach teams and management in the complementary values and practices that make process change work and stick through training and by example.

Next to training and coaching I consider external facilitation as a key factor to get to sustainable succes. It elevates results from a workshop/meeting from good to great!

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Innovation and creativity has a central place

Leadership and management is different these days

Since 2001 I have been searching for guidelines and practices to support “managers in their quest to steer their teams successfully. It has been a very interesting journey so far, a great learning school! My quest to be able to support managers all around inspired me to experiment with a lot of practices, techniques and tools from many different ideologies such as beyond budgetting, lean, agile, scrum, kanban and yes, even Prince2.

With all these experiments I learned that “management” is not something you can capture in one ideology, one has to be aware of a lot of them to become a good mentor and be able to guide businesses to operational effectiveness. Even knowledge about principles, practices, techniques and tools is not enough, you have to combine it with a proper organizational setting and motivation in order to be really successful!

Understanding some of the organizational complexity and being open to change according to communication needs, competence and business models, really helps to shape organizations towards a next level of change and learning capability. It allows organizations to keep innovating on all levels and quickly adapt to a changing economical landscape.  It also allows to foster an organic growth of competence throughout the complete organization, instead of keeping knowledge within the boundaries of its department.

In that sense I became a very passionate trainer and coach for management to allow them to create organizations fit for the future and fit for human beings in it!

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