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The 5 liberating whys

The 5 liberating whys 16 May 2018 Michael Bentein Agile & ScrumInnovation Games & GamestormingLean & KanbanWork is Play Object of Play Some teams are struggling with re-enforcing behaviors and can’t seem to find why they can’t find the cause. If teams seem unable to reqch the goal for their iteration, it’s good to go hunting for root causes.  The 5 why’s technique was formally developed in the 1930s by Sakichi Toyoda, one of the fathers of the Japanese industrial revolution. Here is a new take in combination
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Change Management Canvases: The hidden power of the Story Telling Canvas

Change Management Canvases: The hidden power of the Story Telling Canvas 14 Mar 2018 Annelies De Meyere Agile & ScrumLeadership & Management When teaching a Lean Change Management class, we usually let the attendees choose which of the proposed Lean Change Canvases they want to work on as a group, or several groups when the class is a bit bigger. I noticed the Story Telling Canvas was often left out, and when I asked the attendees why, they often mentioned things like: “It doesn’t seem to be as
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Retro : Reboot Required

Retro : Reboot Required 7 Mar 2018 Michael Bentein Agile & Scrum Some teams are new in the world of Agile and still have to discover the extent of self-organization and control they have. This retrospective looks at the zones of control of a team and finds ways to increase the things they can control via ALTernate solutions. Purposes : Read more by michaelbentein Via Read the full article here.

Remote legacy coderetreat

Remote legacy coderetreat 21 Feb 2018 Erik Talboom Software Craftsmanship A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to facilitate several in-company legacy coderetreats for one of our clients together with the software craftsperson exatraordinair Koen Metsu. I still believe this is an extremely powerful training format to help people to get into practising babystep refactoring and test automation.  Read more by talboomerik Via Read the full article here.