Mix’em Up! The power of networks…

I have always believed that one model doesn’t fit all and that the best results emerge when intelligently apply different models/systems according to specific situations (see services description). And I bet everyone of you also realizes this, even if it is only deep inside of you. This kind of belief is very related to one of my favorite subjects: “complexity thinking” which indicates that several small models/systems are in general stronger, more resilient to change and problems than a big single one. There is of course a lot more behind “complexity thinking” but let us keep it to this at the moment and expand on it in future articles.

Recently I have experienced a perfect example of the power to combine models/systems, network the thoughts behind all of them together into a new and stronger marriage! I have used the following known models/systems in a single organizational retrospective:
– Paper airplane options generation
– Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process
Appreciative Inquiry combined with Speed Dating concepts
– Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats
Timeline Retrospective
Happiness Index
– Stephen Covey’s Circles of Influence
– McCarthy’s Core Protocols Perfection Game

This has been the most networked exercise ever for me and using more models/systems than this in a single day’s workshop will be a challenge. The results have been great, the follow up actions even better and all attendees (incl myself) had fun!

So what has this to do with networks? Well… I will not explain this to you but refer to a great animation (I discovered today) that is explaining the power of networks in +/-10 minutes. After you have watched that animation; take some time to reflect on your environment, this post and the things you do. I bet you’ll find the link yourself and will have enriched your knowledge and power to achieve more.

Networked thinking is everywhere! Complexity thinking rulez!

Collaboration is a need!

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