Speaking at Agile Lean Europe 2012 in Barcelona

I’m so exited that 2 of my session proposals are selected for upcoming ALE2012 conference regular program that I wanted to share this with you. This time it is not the most common Agile or Lean session but rather 2 side tracks that are great for all, even the non Agile Lean fanatics out there and that is what makes me excited. It shows again how a chameleon like myself brings value and bridge gaps between different worlds as both sessions are totally unrelated at first sight.

First session scheduled August 29th at 11am is an introduction to the Pirate Metrics – AARRR related to customer development and business model canvas in order to gain insights on how your customers behave and create an environment where you easily can validate startup hypothesis avoiding the commonly used feel good metrics.

Second session scheduled August 30th at 12:05pm, together with Sergey Dmitriev will provide insights on how to use Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Process in the context of handling problems and thus change. We will explain you the 3 key’s to responsibility and how to gain control/power of the situations at hand. We will use our learnings from the Leadership Gift program we are following with Christopher Avery and provide insights related to the Responsibility Process and the Keys to Responsibility.

Both sessions will provide some very powerful tools and techniques that will change attendees their world and I’m glad to be able to share this knowledge. Knowledge is really becoming a commodity and I love it!

Co-Learning is the way to go!

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