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Team building events are not enough!

A lot of organizations and especially their HR department or managers,  want people to connect to each other at the work floor and initiate a lot of different initiatives to get this going but… it does not work as they intended to! Let us have a brief look at one of the items working against their quest to have connected people. First thing to have a look at is the goal of having connected people at the workfloor: We want people to connect to each other at the
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Agile Masters: Ice Age to get work done!

One of our recent customers started Scrum from scratch and in the mean time they learned a lot and adjusted their Scrum board at the same speed. It is their Scrum board and accomplishments that inspired me for this article! You could call it a tribute if you want. First of all I would like to ask you to spend about 2 minutes to watch this Ice Age Teaser video Ok you got the Ice Age metaphor in your head now, that is good. Now, let us have
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How to improve your leadership skills dramatically?

I feel honored with the opportunity to guest post on the official “Leadership Gift” blog of Christopher Avery which became a fact today! The article I wrote for it describes an experiment we did in a Co-Learning Leadership Retreat to discover how leadership tools are linked to the understanding of the responsibility process. You can read the full article here: http://www.christopheravery.com/blog/guest-post-leadership-tools-are-dramatically-improved-by-applying-the-leadership-gift/ Christopher Avery is the author of “Teamwork is an Individual Skill: Getting your Work Done when Sharing Responsibility“ and father of the Leadership Gift as well as the famous Responsibility Process    If you want
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Mix’em Up! The power of networks…

I have always believed that one model doesn’t fit all and that the best results emerge when intelligently apply different models/systems according to specific situations (see services description). And I bet everyone of you also realizes this, even if it is only deep inside of you. This kind of belief is very related to one of my favorite subjects: “complexity thinking” which indicates that several small models/systems are in general stronger, more resilient to change and problems than a big single one. There is of course a lot more behind “complexity
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Why would you use facilitation support?

Experienced facilitation will help you find the right format and techniques to get the best out of your (customer) product workshop, (project) retrospectives and organization. Good facilitation will enable you and your organization to gain more knowledge in a collaborative atmosphere for your decision-making process, leading to actions to move them forward. Facilitation in general is recommended when the stakes are high in terms of what might be lost or not gained by a less than fully productive workshop/meeting. Factors influencing a facilitation need or not are: conflict
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Why Attend a Licensed Management 3.0 Training?

Understanding some of the organizational complexity and being open to change according to communication needs, competence and business models, really helps to shape organizations towards a next level of change and learning capability. It allows organizations to keep innovating on all levels and quickly adapt to a changing economical landscape.  It also allows to foster an organic growth of competence throughout the complete organization, instead of keeping knowledge within the boundaries of its department. Let us be honest, it is innovation, collective knowledge and its adaptability that are some of
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