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Exploring new forms of collaboration – an online workshop format

Defining your new collaboration environment together “A transition is needed from workplace to meeting place in our offices.” This is the most important result of a workshop on the “new collaboration environment” that Co-Learning has facilitated at the invitation of the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In this blog we share more about this workshop and its results. At the end of August, Co-Learning facilitated a workshop for CBS with the aim of generating ideas and scenarios for a “post-corona” way of working together. Members from the
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Case Study: Y Soft LeSS adoption, long term experience report by Y Soft themselves

Disclaimer: this is re-sharing what Y Soft has shared on their platform earlier and has been distributed through means of social media. It is mentioned in their article that sharing is caring and in that sense we want to contribute in their quest to sharing their story to the world. They share a story of being 1,5 years into a LeSS adoption as an ongoing endeavour. The lessons they learned, the tricks they picked up into a situation where they “push their product forward only by working together”.
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Case Study: LeSS Adoption at Federal Pension Service in Belgium (SFPD)

Ever since 2015 we get our customers so proud on what they achieved that they go on stage. This time we are happy to share a recording of our LeSS Case Study at the Federal Pension Service in Belgium (SFPD). An amazing story of technical excellence and internal change agents. https://youtu.be/vVxyQLc7MMI If you are interested how we can help you acquiring organizational agility, check out how we support Agile Adoptions. Or maybe you’re more interested what we can do to help you out with “Technical Excellence”, in that
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2 Interviews on descaling organizational complexity

We continuously hear about “Scaling” agility within organizations and many tend to disregard “descaling” as an option to acquire organizational agility. It is descaling that is central in LeSS adoptions and getting into a state of “More with LeSS”. During these covid times we were invited to elaborated on that subject in 2 different interviews that we want to highlight to you to acquire some insights on what we mean by “descaling”. Enjoy! Descaling Organizations interview by ProCognita https://youtu.be/6kNh56HGYGc Descaling double interview by Scrum Ukraine https://youtu.be/CK7I1orZ8xQ If you
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Today’s in-person workshops & courses. We care for you!

We are extremely happy that we are allowed to organize our amazing in-person events and we do take care all precautions are made to keep everyone safe. We care! We redesigned our highly interactive and collaborative exercises so that we can run them at a safe distance from each other. The locations we use for our services are very well adapted to be safe for the event, there will be more than enough space (square meters) per person. All locations we go to are being assessed on safety
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A full remote highly collaborative teams self-design workshop with 80+ people? Yes!

This Spring, one of our customers wanted to change the distribution of people in the teams that work to develop their main product.* To do this, we were planning to have a large workshop to do a redesign of the current team layout by teams themselves. Taking into account certain constraints of course. After the workshops, in their next Sprint, the teams would work in the newly designed teams, leaving the old teams behind. There was a (big) event planned for the formal start of the new teams,
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