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Today’s in-person workshops & courses. We care for you!

We are extremely happy that we are allowed to organize our amazing in-person events and we do take care all precautions are made to keep everyone safe. We care! We redesigned our highly interactive and collaborative exercises so that we can run them at a safe distance from each other. The locations we use for our services are very well adapted to be safe for the event, there will be more than enough space (square meters) per person. All locations we go to are being assessed on safety
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A full remote highly collaborative teams self-design workshop with 80+ people? Yes!

This Spring, one of our customers wanted to change the distribution of people in the teams that work to develop their main product.* To do this, we were planning to have a large workshop to do a redesign of the current team layout by teams themselves. Taking into account certain constraints of course. After the workshops, in their next Sprint, the teams would work in the newly designed teams, leaving the old teams behind. There was a (big) event planned for the formal start of the new teams,
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Supporting a courageous elementary school teacher

– We blurred out the children for their privacy and protection – In times of crisis we find it important to help others in need of new knowledge and experiences, using the expert capabilities we have. These days it became obvious that many crucial organizations around us were/are not prepared for a digital approach. Elementary schools are definitely one of those. Thanks to a courageous 1st grade teacher we had the opportunity to design and facilitate a short remote session with his classroom kids. They loved it! Let’s
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Continuous Integration is Not a Tooling Problem

There is this commonly accepted, hard-grained belief in the software industry. By dropping a build server in a team, they get Continuous Integration magically for free. This belief is further incentivised by the marketing of build server vendors. Back in August 2019, Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, announced … So excited to announce that GitHub now includes built-in CI/CD! — @natfriedman, Twitter My friend Steve Smith debunked that immediately. I didn’t expect less from Steve. No. A tool cannot “include built-in CI and CD” – #ContinuousIntegration is a
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How VPN constrained remote working will lead to depressions and how to fix it

Today many organisations are fighting the limits of their VPN infrastructure and send out quick fixes to people, block more outside websites and applications and more of this. A necessary action to guarantee connections to all in the short run but not something to keep for the long haul. No video allowed, limited audio allowed, only connect with others for work related meetings, no insights of people whereabouts and interactions will lead to social isolation symptoms. There is no harm in these limits in the short run, when
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Press Update – Why we launched a new website on a new domain?

Yes! We are live and are proud of it. Feel free to browse around and leave some feedback on your experience, as our name implies, we’re always eager to learn and improve upon our current state. But why did we launch a new website, and on a new domain as well? The decision was taken by the core group of Co-Members in December 2019 after we searched for the right website building organisation to support us in our need for change. So for the last couple of months
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